Hello my name happens to be Ben Carroll. I am a 16 year old tech savvy kid. I live in the vast desert in the middle of no where which some people just like to call Utah.

This is really my first foray into real blogging. I hope to become as well known as some people. This won’t be my home for long just temporary as I get more money to pay for hosting.

I enjoy playing with all sorts of technology. I used to be a microsoft fanboy but seeing as how I am typing this up on my new iMac it doesn’t apply to me anymore. I have grown to find all the quirks and things about windows and osx. So in my posts I am completely unbiased to either side. Heck I even run linux. Which linux you say? Well I personally love suse linux. And I guess thats where you will find where I will be biased the most is between the linux distros.

My computers you say? Well I do own more than most people… Lets hit the list,

  •  iMac 17″ core duo 1.83 GHz 2 GB ram
  • “Vento Vista/Suse” my own computer that runs on 2 2.2 GHz xeon processors a geforce 5600 and 1 GB of ram
  • Motion Computing m1300 and I don’t have the specs on me right now.
  • And a couple of servers…

I also love web development and style. I am very proficient at this and have many people saying they love my stuff. I will have a portfolio up later showcasing my achievements.

Thats me! 


  1. Anywhere we can see your movies….. you seem pretty passionate about film-making and would like to see what you’ve done… Email me back..

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